Enter 2018 With A Bang! Time To Evaluate What Worked, What Didn’t And Plans For 2018

Enter 2018 With A Bang! Time To Evaluate What Worked, What Didn’t And Plans For 2018

plans for 2018

Hey ladies! Let’s make plans for 2018 right?

So this is my first post on TheTega, so before digging right in, I would love to tell you a little bit about TheTega and why it was set up.

TheTega was setup to help women of color with various aspects of their lives, emotionally, financially and spiritually. We are positioning women of color for greater heights in 2018 and beyond, sharing positivity, building strong fem-preneurs and empowering us one blog post at a time.

It’s day 4 of 2018 and whether you are ready for it or not, the minutes are rolling by.  Now more than ever is the best time to reflect on what 2018 will mean for you, business wise and career wise, what should stay behind and what should go ahead in the new year.

Just so you know, if you haven’t made/written down plans for the year, you can still do that today and consciously adhere to it to see meaningful changes in your life. If you are at a lost how to start, then these 2 tips would be come in handy.

Re-evaluate 2017

The first step to have a fulfilling 2018, would be taking apart your 2017 and reflecting on your chosen goals at the beginning of the year and doing a honest review of how everything went.

What were your goals when entering 2017? Did you plan to get that new house, that new car, your dream career? Planned to inspire and motivate people or like me, basically build your personal brand? How did that work put for you, were you able to stick through, consciously working on your goals and ticking them off one by one?

Were you able to shut external forces and focus solely on you? Focusing solely on you does not excuse selfishness, but you have to fall in love with yourself, to fully come into being.

Remember in all of the honesty and reflection, be your biggest cheerleader.

Write Down Your Plans For 2018

Ensure you break down those goals into sub-goals, and outline exactly how you plan to achieve them and the people who can collaborate with you to help make it achievable, with a timeline for each goal.

Remember in all of the honesty and reflection,  you need to be your biggest cheerleader.

Let’s win together this 2018 and have an awesome time at it. So comment below what your plans for 2018 are and how you plan to go about achieving them




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