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To Move In With Your Spouse Before Marriage

To Move In With Your Spouse Before Marriage Or Not? Your Take? Watch #NdaniRealTalk With Cornelia O’Dwyer

I used to watch #NdaniRealTalk with Cornelia O’Dwyer before they stopped the show and she really discussed some real interesting relationship issues that I love 🙂.  So I came across episode 6 of #NdaniRealTalk, and its all about moving in with your spouse/partner before marriage and decided to share it here. Is it wise to move in with your…
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your friend is cheating on his girlfriend

3 Things To Do When Your Friend Is Cheating On His Girlfriend

In an ideal world, our close ones approve of the things we do and support us. But there will be times when they may have an issue with one of our life choices, so what do you do when your friend is cheating on his girlfriend, his partner, wife? Do you rat him out? do…
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barack obama's sweet message to michelle obama

It Was Michelle Obama’s Birthday Yesterday, And Barack Obama’s Sweet Message To Michelle Obama Made Our Hearts Melt

Yesterday, the first lady of a lot of Americans hearts, Michelle Obama, turned 54. And Barack Obama’s sweet message to Michelle Obama made our hearts melt. Barack Obama, the former president of the United States of America  showed us once how powerful black love is by taking to Instagram to commemorate his wife’s special day…
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relationship not situationship

Relationship Not Situationship: 5 Ways to Know You Are in a Relationship with Yourself

Have you ever heard of a placebo effect in a relationship? Where you think you are in a relationship not situationship? Yes, it does exist and with a fancy name at that. A ‘situationship’ is what happens to you, or what you’re in when you’re in that terrible grey area between a hook-up and a…
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