Black Don’t Crack: How to Keep Slaying in Your 40s like Gabrielle Union

Black Don’t Crack: How to Keep Slaying in Your 40s like Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union

You may have wondered; how she does it? How does Gabrielle Union keep that wow shape, slaying even in her 40s. She has been in the industry for over 20 years and she hasn’t looked a day older. Well, you too can slay in your 40s. You just have to follow these six easy steps.

  1. Exercise regularly

Daily exercise, such as jogging, squatting are effective in taking some years off. They help to circulate blood which cleans the system well. They also help to release toxic materials through sweat. In fact, its effect cannot be underrated in the way it keeps you in shape. Carving out that sexy look on you.

  1. Drink red wine

It contains a powerful heart-healthy, anti-cancer, anti-ageing antioxidant called resveratrol. It also appears that resveratrol helps protect the skin against the sun’s UV radiation. Cabernet Sauvignon grapes have the highest concentration of antioxidants – just be sure to keep it to one glass, and have your wine with a meal to mitigate the inflammatory effects of alcohol. Don’t eat saturated fats. When you eat a healthy diet, your skin is more likely to glow and you may even appear more youthful. As well as leading to health problems, they can cause problems with your skin, avoid these and add healthy fats, and you will likely begin seeing noticeable changes in how your skin looks and feels.

Gabrielle Union

  1. Use an anti-ageing cleanser

Use one that is full of nutrients, because your anti-ageing regime begins with a cleanser that gives to your skin rather than depleting it and then trying to give back what it has stripped away. Your skin should feel nourished right from your cleanser, all the way through your skincare regime. Don’t Use skincare that contains petrolatum ingredients as they act like a plastic wrapper on the skin and DON’T allow the skin to expel toxins or absorb nutrients. Literally, they suffocate the skin.

  1. Use a rich, nourishing night cream

In your 40s, collagen fibers stiffen and break apart, resulting in skin crevices and furrows known more kindly as lines and wrinkles. Key ingredients now include rose oil, jojoba oil and and natural AHAs to remove the build-up of dead skin cells, which can also create a dull and greying appearance to skin. Don’t Neglect the advice out there! A lot of women feel pressure in their 40s to commence cosmetic surgery enhancements such as muscle relaxants and filler to delay and soften the ageing process. Cosmetic clinics and dermatologists have made massive leaps in the last 10 years and there are a plethora of non-invasive treatments available such as laser and rejuvenation that. Don’t involve needles.

  1. Drink lots of water and green tea

This promotes circulation as well as supple skin. Also incorporate microdermabrasion facials into your regime, to help prevent wrinkles. Don’t think plastic surgery is the cure for everything age-related.

  1. Clean your liver occasionally

This will make the whites of your eyes clearer and increase your metabolism. Don’t eat dairy, wheat or sugar for five days, while going hard on the green veggies. It’s the easiest way to do a little liver cleanse.

Get that shape girl! Black Don’t Crack, be like Gabrielle Union!


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