To Move In With Your Spouse Before Marriage Or Not? Your Take? Watch #NdaniRealTalk With Cornelia O’Dwyer

To Move In With Your Spouse Before Marriage

I used to watch #NdaniRealTalk with Cornelia O’Dwyer before they stopped the show and she really discussed some real interesting relationship issues that I love 🙂.  So I came across episode 6 of #NdaniRealTalk, and its all about moving in with your spouse/partner before marriage and decided to share it here. Is it wise to move in with your spouse before marriage?

Is it wise, is it even acceptable with the way our society is structured?

Are some people like myself just old-fashioned and have refused to move with the flow?

On this episode of #NdaniRealTalk, Nollywood stars Mofe Duncan, Wana Udobang and Deyemi Okanlawon with host, Cornelia O’Dwyer discuss a pertinent issue in ‘modern’ relationships.





Should people who are dating move in together before marriage?

What do you think?

Oh by the way, couldn’t help but notice Mofe Duncan’s sexy voice 😉

Watch the episode below

And oh, we discussed this on OneRandomChick before and here is a reply that made a whole lot of sense

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